Friday, September 12, 2014

I mixed new colours

of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to make the colours used to paint this chair. Sturdy, comfortable, clean yet boring.

I had pinned a similar one done with a Union Jack that Annie has shown to feature Napoleonic Blue. I wasn't really up for the math to do a flag so stripes it was. I started with a pale base

 whipped out the Frog Tape and varied the width of the stripes while trying to match up the seat and backrest.

it looks all bright and childish until the dark wax knocks back the colour and makes it looks aged.
The paint is also great on metal. The chrome parts were painted in graphite then waxed as well.
No stripes on the back.

so much better than before. Don't you think?



Sunday, August 24, 2014

I wasn't going to go but once I had a purpose I signed up for


I went last year. You can read about my experience Here

My purpose, well it's too early for details but lets just say I've bought to much furniture and "STUFF" for our little cottage.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Colour scheme

Our new cottage is a builder's model.  That means their designer picks out the paint colours. I love colour, any colour so I am fine with using what we will be getting. We found this picture in thrift store, of course. The colours are perfect.

It is about 24" sq.  Just not sure what room it will end up in. We'll see!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

They're here, they're here!!!!

Yup my  Heather's prize arrived.

Paint cans in their own winter wear. only in Canada eh?!

We got 12, yup, a dozen cans of ASCP, a can of each dark and clear wax and Annie 's workbook.

So many yummy colours. Thanks Annie Sloan Unfolded.

It all started Here

Friday, January 17, 2014

What are gleanings?

I love the name of my blog but it is not self- explanatory.
My new in-my-mind-only blog will have a menu explaining the term Gleanings and  have examples.

The new blog may be a while so I'll start here.


pl n
1. (Agriculture) the useful remnants of a crop that can be gathered from the field after harvesting

This is the meaning I grew up with living on a farm. Collecting the missed cobs of corn into sacks for chicken feed after the large harvesters had chopped acres and acres into silage.
Cutting the small broccoli shoots that sprout after the main head was removed.

This sort of thing is now done on farms in an organized way to yield tons and tons of food that would other wise not be harvested.

I obviously take a more creative use of the term!

Yesterday had a spur of the moment gleaning opportunity. There are still piles of broken branches from the recent ice storm sitting curb side.  Spot and I stopped at a pile of curly willow branches and  gleaned  an armful of lovely twigs.
I'm not taking a photo cuz they are outside on top of ice and now covered in fluffy snow.
They look exactly like these

And we plan on using them to decorate the urn at the front door in the spring.  I wonder if they will sprout leaves?

Blog posts need photos right?  So here is the urn still decked out in red before Christmas and all the ice and snow.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We made it happen

Do you believe in manifesting your future? Vision boards? Asking the universe for your hearts wishes?
I know it all sounds sort of hoey hockus-pockus but I have experienced it enough in my life to recognize it when it happens.
Where is this going you ask?
Once  I knew we wouldn't get enough votes to win first prize I knew we would win the draw for Canada to get $500US for Annie Sloan products. Heather felt the same way. So when David read the list of winners names to me at work on Dec 13 I thought he was joking. But it really happened.

We won!

Cool eh?
So I've been making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty......
sorry too much Christmas radio.

Making a list of colours I want.

I've had great fun playing with this Paint mixer

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The rest of the reasons.....

The contest is over. We got lots of votes, 178 to be exact. Not enough to win but we had great fun.
So in no particular order here is the rest of the count down.......
I have chairs to paint, I'm afraid to count how many. The latest is a cute vintage stool.
I found a similar one done with a Union Jack.
There are also folding chairs and Windsor back chairs. And I have my eye on these six. I bought them as well as four others yesterday.

I have frames,many frames. Small ones, huge ones
I want to try to make some art with the paints.
I love colour. simple. To sit and mix colours would be heaven. I have a book to alter for that purpose.
I have Christmas gifts to finish. A lingerie chest will be painted with ASCP Graphite and silver foil for accents.
I want to sell furniture. That way I can continue to buy it too. Maybe a pop-up store is in my future!
My daughter would be able to give me an awesome gift.
I will paint her some dining room furniture, maybe she will take some of my chairs!